Welcome to the department of Mechanical Engineering

We are an internationally reputated research institution, which focuses on:

  • Materials engineering
  • Product and service engineering
  • Energy and environmental engineering
  • Biomedical and micro engineering

Our students are taught a modern curriculum of the highest international standard leading them to the borderline of actual research. We provide guidance and supervision during the study even including a personal tutor- and mentorship by a professor.

The faculty’s official work began on April 21st 1967. In the winter term of 1968/69 the faculty began teaching according to the registration of the first student and now looks back on more than 35 years of successful development, in which the department has gained a respected position in teaching and research of mechanical engineering throughout Germany and abroad. Evidence of this development is also provided by the graduation of over 4000 students with diploma degrees and over 950 students with doctorates.

The faculty consists of 28 professors, 90 scientists which are financed by the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia, about 100 scientific employees potentiated by grants on the outside and an assisting staff of approximately 120 people.Results of our excellent basic and applied research do not only credit high international reputation, but are also asked for by industry worldwide.

Therefore, we are always looking for qualified and dedicated students, doctorates and co-workers to join our research teams. So, if you want to spend a term or an academic year at our faculty, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Excellent Career Opportunities

Studying Mechanical Engineering means building for the future. The demand for high technology specialists as for example mechanical engineers is high - and is still increasing. Mechanical Engineering does not only offer career opportunities not only in design and manufacturing but also in middle and higher management and/or consulting.

In conciseness: engineers have outstanding job prospects.

Exciting areas of application

Mechanical engineering forms the backbone of our entire technical culture. Every single aspect of daily life relies on mechanical engineering in one form or another: the traffic engineering sector (e.g. automobiles, airplanes, ships), building services (household appliances, heating), medical technology (medical instruments, protheses, implants), sports and leisure activities (sports equipment, cameras or telescopes), as well as large-scale scientific projects (air and space travel) and energy engineering (power stations, offshore technology). Without modern mechanical engineering we would not be able to maintain our way of life.

A modern teaching programme

The department of Mechanical Engineering covers the whole range of modern
mechanical engineering and constantly amends and updates its teaching and
research programmes in line with recent developments. Currently, the department offers 3 programs of study:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Technology and Resource Management (UTRM)
  • Sales Engineering and Product Management (SEPM)

Individual teaching and advice

From the outset, tutors and students work together very closely. At the Department for Mechanical Engineering, students do not get lost in the anonymous atmosphere of a mass university. There is an excellent teacher-to-student ratio, which means students have constant back-up from the department and are not left alone with their questions.

Uniting teaching and industry

By assigning highly qualified lecturers from industry and commerce, we keep in touch with the dynamic development of high technology and its practical application in successful companies. Teamwork is essential right from the start. While working on a project in cooperation with partners from the industry, students can become acquainted with potential employers.

After completing their basic courses, students are offered the opportunity to become an undergraduate assistant for a chair of the department and are not forced to rely on driving taxis or working at fast-food restaurants in order to finance their education.

Studying in the Ruhr district

This means being right in the heartland of Germany’s largest population centre, where opportunities for sport and leisure activities are abound.Cultural, lifestyle and leisure facilities are within easy reach, and the public transport system is excellent. There is no need to commute as accommodation is easy to find in the proximity of the Campus or in the town centre.

There exists no hostility towards foreigners in the Ruhr-Valley, on the contrary people are friendly and have been used to immigrants for more than a hundred years. Getting started in a foreign country and in a new academic environment surely is not easy but it will certainly be a personally and academically enriching time for you and will provide you with a new range of adventures. Studying in Bochum is not only about having your head buried in books. It is also about having the chance to experience culture, nature, and history.