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Study Courses

The department of Mechanical Engineering covers the whole range of modern mechanical engineering and constantly amends and updates its teaching and research programmes in line with recent developments. Currently the department offers 3 programs of study:

Mechanical Engineering

The study programs Bachelor and Master in Mechanical Engineering are our most traditional courses of study and offer the following areas of specialization:

  • Energy and process engineering
  • Applied mechanics
  • Design technology and factory automation
  • Material technology (Engineering Materials)
  • IT in mechanical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • motive engineering

Studying mechanical engineering in Germany will increase your opportunities for an internationally successful occupational career.

Sales Engineering and Product Management

With the start of the fall term 2003 the Department of Mechanical Engineering has introduced the new study courses - Bachelor and Master of Science in Sales Engineering and Product Management.This study program combines technique and communication and is unique in Germany.

This interdisciplinary study course with its broad spectrum of subjects, aims at imparting a substantial technical competence as well as non-technical knowledge covering fields as commerce, law and psychology to the modern Sales Engineer.>The study contents therefore are divided in to 70 % technical courses and 30% non-technical courses which accommodate the increasing demand for engineers in the management and especially in the sales field. During the study course Master of Science in sales Engineering and Product Management you can specialize in:

  • Energy and process technology systems or
  • Mechanical and automotive systems

Market studies have shown that the job of the mechanical engineer has changed a lot over the last decade. As the customer oriented activities have gained more impact, the modern mechanical engineer has effectively become a service provider. As the sales impact continues to grow, the role of sales engineers as a link between customer and organization becomes more and more important. Business companies therefore offer excellent job and career possibilities in these areas.

Enviromental Technology and Resource Management

In cooperation with the faculty of civil engineering, we have developed a new course program which combines established methods and new ideas.The study program Bachelor and Master in Environmental Engineering is a combined study of civil engineering and mechanical engineering. Inthe basic studies students get an overview of environmental engineering and of basic chemistry, physics and engineering. During the Master program students will specialize either in the field of environmental engineering and design where they will find subjects as:

  • Transport phenomena and thermodynamic equilibrium
  • Process engineering and resources management
  • Process engineering
  • Measurement,controlling and transportation

or they specialize in the field of substainable process and environmental engineering where the following compulsory subjects are on offer:

  • Steel,timber reinforced and prestressed structures
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Traffic engineering
  • Water management

Chemistry, physics and environmental engineering

The economy offers excellent career prospects for example in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry or with power supplies, as well as in the attendance area for example in consulting firms specialised inenvironmental technology and in facility management.Furthermore, you will have exceeding career prospects on public service, for the EnvironmentalAgency, for the city council and in research facilities. You will also have the possibility to be self-employed as a technical expert or evaluator or as a consulting engineer.